Monday, August 02, 2004

New thing to play with for blogger... Getting the feed syndicated.

Blogger supports atom.xml If you log into blogger, select 'Settings' and then 'Site Feed' you can turn on the site feed. It ends up being an atom file. So, as an example, the atom feed for my site is

Unfortunately, many of the syndication tools only take RSS. So, I've played with a new tool, FeedBurner.

What FeedBurner does, amongst other things is to convert atom feeds into RSS feeds. So, in theory, should be a valid feed for either RSS or Atom.

I'm going to kick this around a bit to see how it looks in different places.

Update:Well, using FeedBurner, I am getting my Blogger blog imported into Drupal (using the RSS feed) as well as into LiveJournal. I hope it will show up on Yahoo soon as well. I did find that I have to check SmartFeed and Convert Format Burner

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