Friday, December 20, 2002

Today, I am testing the XML interface from LogMOO

Sunday, November 24, 2002

MOO Blogging. I have finally found why my Blogger API calls to Blogger weren't publishing at blogspot. I have updated @ajsend on LogMOO so that it can send to blogspot, Ecademy and LiveJournal in a single post. Unfortuntely none of them handle conditions exactly the same way, so it is a little kludgy. Nonetheless, it is nice to be able to write my blog entry once, and update all three locations with a single command.

Monday, September 30, 2002

My daughter just sent me a link to the website for James Whitman's campaign to become Governor of Ohio. ( )

It looks like an interesting campaign, grassroots, internet based. Worth a look.

Sunday, September 29, 2002

This is a test of blogging from a MOO! I tried it yesterday, and the publish parameter seemed not to be taking, although it is working with Ecademy. (Non MOO based additional comment, the <param><value><boolean>true</boolean><value></param> doesn't seem to be taking, and I have to publish via the web)

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Of late, I've been doing a lot of Blogging on (Check out my blogs there at This is where I do most of my blogging.

I also got set up at Blogspot ( I've just tested this out a little bit, but don't really have much there.

And then there is Ecademy ( This blog community seems to be mostly oriented around tech issues, so I've posted a few things here, but not a lot.

Today, I read a post on LiveJournal from a friend who posts everything to two different blogs. It seems as if there is a real need for some good tools to facilitate using mutliple blogs, crosslinking etc...